Frozen olive oil with herbs

Mix olive oil & herbs into ice cube holds and freeze. Great on top of summer salads and veggie dishes!


Our sexy version of guacamole with olive oil. Use ripe organic avocados, sea salt, dash of lime, garlic, and add healthy splash of olive oil.

Tuscan Hummus

Extra tasty traditional hummus with olive oil and spices.

Pappa Al Pomodoro Popsticle

Experience a timeless classic in a "cool" new way: on a stick! A sort of extreme gazpacho. 

Melon Basil Popsticle

Another favourite summer taste combo. A drop of olive oil and a pinch of salt enhance the melon's sweetness

Vegan Olive Oil Gelato

From our favourite gelato place "Il sorriso" a recipe for creamy and delicious ice creams with no dairy!


* all the recipes are vegan made with EXTRA VIRGO OLEVM and contain no nasties.

Alex Postiglione