Come end of October, and it is time to harvest the olives here at Montecucchi. We harvest our olives by hand, as it has been done by the generations before us, and cold press them the same day. The harvest is also a fun tradition, to get all friends and family together for a day out in the autumn sun. We make a big fire out in the fields, and serve traditional Tuscan dishes; vegetable brodo with risotto and white beans, cavolo nero, served on traditional tuscan unsalted bread with rubbed raw garlic, and of course plenty of our olive oil! Once the hottest time passes, it is time to get to work - everyone from the smallest to the eldest is served with a long rake, with which we gently scrape the olives off the highest branches. The olives are then collected with nets spread out onto the ground and take for pressing. Attached a photo from last year's harvest - fun was had by all! 

Alex Postiglione